We Got Nothing.

Audrey: What do you want to review this week? Brandon: I don’t know. A: Well, we have to do something. B: I got nothing. A: Rats. B: Never heard of that one. A: Perhaps you know it by the subtitle: We’re Screwed. B: Ah, my favorite. The truth is, as a writer, sometimes you come […]

Van Helsing

  Trailers have come a long way… Ah, what can be said about this wonderful mess of a movie? Hugh Jackman stars as Gabriel Van Helsing, infamous monster slayer. His order sends him on a perilous mission to Transylvania to assist Anna Valerious in destroying Dracula. Anna’s ancestor vowed that his family would never enter […]

About the Authors

About the One Author: The first time I remember feeling inspired was right after I watched The Lord of the Rings. Back then, I didn’t know what it meant, but I could feel that I had been changed. Movies, books, and other stories continued to change me, fostering a love for stories that has become […]

Our Creed

Once upon a time, movies revolutionized storytelling, delivering visually impactful tales to a mass audience. Movies brought people together on a larger scale than aural and even written stories, making them more accessible to the general public. But movies, as of late, have gotten lazy, resorting to gimmicks and crudely constructed plotlines supplemented by unintelligent […]